Jesus said he got exposed sex having Lexi

a lady try purchasing the morning immediately following pill. While the she left the shop, she watched that woman who was simply providing Jesus the fresh new early morning once tablet. She went more than and you will recommended a response. Stef lead Jesus household and you will demanded your to tell Lena. Lena and Stef disagreed towards the action to take. Stef believed they must supply the pill to Lexi, rather than give their own parents. Lena believed that try incorrect and you can stormed off to get outfitted.

After the dining, Stef and you will Lena rebuked Mariana for being intoxicated, lying and you may ruining Goodness dating whenever you are she laid between the sheets

Stef is at family and you can Lena rushed home to argue which have her since their particular Lexi stumbled on their unique work environment to talk about this new pill. Lena is astonished to hear one to Steph had offered Lexi the brand new early morning shortly after tablet instead of talking-to their very first. Lena reprimanded Stef and you can she battled straight back. Stef told me you to definitely she performed what was perfect for the young man and you will Lexi. Lena unwillingly conformed having Stef for the present time. Brandon rushes upstairs to locate ily manage overdo it, Mariana got a nostrils sharp and you will Stef and Lena were displeased but neglected it for the present time so that they may get into reveal. Within tell you, Garrett did an element on their moms’ present decide to divorce proceedings, therefore bolstered Lena and Stef’s dating. They drove domestic incase regarding driveway they started to take part each other sexually.

Early that morning, Stef and Lena is actually sitting yourself down on kitchen area on break fast permitting Jesus plan food with Lexi’s

parents. Stef jokingly informs Jesus what they are that have and you will Goodness try astonished. Stef tells your you to she had been sarcastic and you will expected why are the guy very excited about it and it is only good dinner to the Riveras who obtained known for extended.

Later you to afternoon, Stef went over to their unique father’s domestic and you may talked about Jesus’ seeking to go to a great catholic childhood meeting. Stef told her father you to exactly who she adored must not be a beneficial problem with your leaving Stef distressed.

After you to evening at the eating, Stef and you may Lena was discussing that have Lexi’s mothers just what borders around was to getting toward high school students. Then doorway rang, therefore is actually Stef’s dad, whom did not know they had company. Stef was astonished to see their unique father and you will offered him good seat. While in the dinner, Stef shown their issues about this new bible camp convention, together with Riveras in hopes all of them there is zero bias facing their family way of life. Then the Riveras went further stating they support Lena and you will Stef because there is absolutely nothing alot more religious than just friends. Its reaction confused Stef’s father. Later on you to evening whenever Callie and you may Mariana returned house about team. Mariana demonstrably drunk stumbled from inside the and you will

Stef seen her county attempted to wrap up new restaurants. Also Lexi got notice of their conditions and chimed within the stating she is exhausted. Before Mariana was quiet from, Lexi’s mother informed p with Lexi. Mariana blurted away which was ridiculous permitting them to go to bed away go camping while they are which have sex. The newest food travelers along with her individual loved ones was basically speechless.

This new talk became some time bitter whenever their unique father expected her sexuality along with her range regarding chapel

Early you to early morning, Stef hears Mariana and God arguing regarding Lexi. Stef intervened and you will broke up them. Stef told Mariana she delivered it towards by herself and you may she believes from the exactly who she desires get into lifestyle. Stef and you may Lena was attacking on the cooking area concerning the Lexi situation and exactly how Stef place Lena for the an adverse state. Jude disrupted and questioned in the event the Connor you will definitely come more for good opportunity. Lena and Stef stopped arguing on the date. Later on you to definitely night

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