Constance came to be into the a dozen th Summer 1161 from inside the Brittany and you may are married so you’re able to (1) Geoffrey Plantagenet when you look at the 1181

Geoffrey is actually killed inside a cycling collision in the 1186 and you will Constance hitched (2) Ranulph de Blundeville, cuatro th Earl away from Chester, to the step three rd February 1188, from inside the a marriage set-up because of the King Henry 11. This matrimony deteriorated and you can Ranulph imprisoned Constance inside 1196. Rebellions was indeed stimulated across Brittany on the and Ranulph released their unique into the 1198. Back to Brittany, Constance got her relationship annulled and soon after inside the 1198, she took Guy de Tours due to the fact their own ‘second’ partner.

Constance died old 40, (maybe off leprosy, maybe after giving birth to help you twin girls) towards the 5 th September 1201 at the Nantes

Although this was not a good consanguineous relationship however, certainly one of affinity, any earliest-degree matchmaking might have rendered wedding anywhere between Constance and you can any of John’s brothers hopeless in the place of good dispensation –– and therefore because of the party’s review will have was required to come from the fresh pope himself

The concept you to definitely Constance had an event with John pursuing the loss of Geoffrey and you may prior to John’s matrimony so you can Isabella off Gloucester within the 1189, and that she is actually mother so you can Joanna is really contentious and you can has actually provoked far discussion inside genealogical circles.

One to opinion of a good genealogist says one ‘this new journal ‘The fresh Plantagenet Connection’ has actually authored an enthusiastic ahnentafel out of Age Plantagenet, partner out-of Henry V11, that gives Joanna’s mother’s title while the Constance (maybe misnamed Clemence?), Duchess off Brittany. Here is the Constance who was John’s aunt-in-laws! As a result of the really-recognized animosity anywhere between John and you will Constance and her own attempts to push their particular young man Arthur’s passions as much as this new throne away from England are concerned (and we all the understand how disastrously that proved!), I really get the suggested relationship a little tough to ingest. The Constance you to history depicts will not struck myself because the with the who John can potentially coerce to your sleep.’

‘ A theory who select Joanna’s mom since the Constance doesn’t account fully for an incredibly vital point in canon laws. That would mean that certain trace of one’s matter have to definitely came right down to us, whether it involved the obtain they, this new deliberations, and/or genuine dispensation in itself. In so far as i are aware, absolutely nothing of your form is available.’

By only that have sex which have John, let-alone influence him a child, Constance could have built a first-training relationships out-of affinity with John’s siblings –– including John’s aunt Geoffrey

My personal view for what it’s worth, would be the fact had Constance started the mother of Joanna she’d positively keeps brought their own upwards in her family along with her term would-be too called Constance’s almost every other students from the Geoffrey (Eleanor, Fair Maid from Brittany, Matilda/Maud away from Brittany and you can Arthur).

Agatha came into this world on 1168 within the Chartley Palace, Staffordshire. It is infamous that she was a domme away from John and lots of loved ones trees give her, whether or not single, as the mother from Joanna. Most genealogists however believe that it is just conjecture one to the woman is Joanna’s mommy due to the fact no proof otherwise facts occur to show which.

You to definitely resource seem to provided try Sir William Dugdale, in the Baronage out-of England (1675-6). According to him their resource become Dr David Howell’s ‘History of Wales’ (1584). Powell’s job is an enlarged release from H Lloyd’s translation from ‘The brand new Historie out of Cambria’ from the 12 th century Saint Caradoc out-of Llancarfan. An alternate source, ‘Magna Carta Barons’ by the Charles Browning, copyright 1969 in addition to labels Agatha de Ferrers, daughter of Robert de Ferrers, last Earl away from derby, since Joanna’s mommy.

Regardless if she can not be totally dismissed because a candidate to own mother off Joanna, absolutely there would be specific shade away from their own when you look at the good chronicle and other historical resource, in the event the she had in fact started the caretaker of your spouse away from brand new Prince of North Wales.

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