B. Smyth, Captain Gay, Captain and Mrs

Nov. 11th.-On Council appointment Mr. Age. H. L. Preston suggested and you may Mr. Worship seconded, Charles J. Palmer, Esq., once the Gran on resulting year, and then he was opted compared to that office instead resistance.

Late. 18th.-The new Mayor (C. J. Palmer, Esq.), had provided notes to have an enjoyment on Urban area Hallway toward the fresh new 30th inst.

The fresh “Travelers,” London passenger steamer, Captain Dawson, was forgotten towards Northern Mud. She is actually an incredibly dated motorboat, and it is actually reported that this will was their own last trip when the zero crash had occurred to their own; she was totally covered.

A poll was actually adopted the question of the formation from a great “Burial Board,” in the event the voting into the first day are-

30th.-The fresh East Norfolk Troops having been permanently embodied, got come up with according to the command out-of Colonel Mason, although Norfolk Soldiers Artillery was not named right up.

Multiple high bundles out-of enjoying clothes was actually forwarded by ladies’ of city to the use of the soldiers in the the fresh Crimea.


The month of january. sixth.-There were a leading tide and heavy flood; 130 m of one’s rail between Yarmouth and you can Reedham ended up being carried away because of the latter.

p. 197 The next gentlemen got picked just like the Collection Committee.-The brand new pton, Rev. H. Squire, and you will Messrs. B. Fenn, Roentgen. Roentgen. B. Norman, J. Bayly, and you will S. C. Burton.

On Area Lenders’ Event 400 individuals had partaken out of teas on Priory. These people were handled by Rev. Grams. Hills, Rev. G. W. Grogan and other household members.

Jan. twentieth.-Sixty alot more men had volunteered about Eastern Norfolk Soldiers for brand new range, and come up with all in all, 3 hundred of such volunteers throughout.

Pickpockets remained at your workplace. A lady was actually robbed from the one of them on the Field Row away from 8s. 6d., and Mrs. Pole, of Burgh Palace, got suffered a loss of ?2 17s. such as this.

Jan. 27th.-New Norfolk Artillery Troops got put together,-156 low-accredited officers and you will guys, on following officers: Chief Astley, Lieutenants Penrice, Tredcroft and you may Northern, Adjutant Gilberton, and Physician C. C. Aldred. Lord Hastings hadn’t yet registered them.


The brand new Rev. Bowyer Vaux had established to the Healthcare Panel that the Scientific Library of your late Mr. Harry Praise would be presented to you to definitely Facilities.

New Southern area-quay was blocked because of the coal carts close to the Area Hallway, and you will higher grievances becoming produced about this it actually was advised you to the latest colliers would be to empty at the a greater a portion of the quay.

Feb. 21st.-The brand new Subscription Golf ball was actually attended by Gran and you will Mrs. Charles Palmer, Lieutenant-Colonel Mason, the newest Honourable Mr. Harbord, Mr. Astley, Mr. Graver Brownish, Mrs. E. Graver Brownish, Reverend Good. Rippingall, Chief and Mrs. Mathew, Chief, Mrs., and you may Skip Pearson, Mr. and Mrs. Meadwell, Mr., Mrs., and you can Miss Elizabeth. H. L. Preston, Mr., Mrs., and you will Skip Marsh, Mr., Mrs., as well as the Misses Steward, Mr. and you may Skip Chevallier, Mr. and you may Mrs. Freeman, Mr. and you can Mrs. Ferrier, Mr. Smith, (East Norfolk Militia) Mr. Smyth (Eastern Norfolk Militia) and you may Mrs. Smyth, Mr. Palgrave, Mr. therefore the Misses Hairdresser, Mr. Boycott, Mr. Press, Mr. Aldred, Mr. Eyre, &c amerikkalaiset miehet haluavat mennä naimisiin itäeurooppalaisen woemnin kanssa., &c.

A conference got stored on save of your poor, the brand new Gran presided, and also the Rev. G. Mountains, and you will Messrs. Roentgen. Hammond, Elizabeth. H. L. Preston, T. Brightwen, S. Dowson, R. Steward, Roentgen. Ferrier, and you will W. N. Burroughs took part in what is happening. Mr. George Danby-Palmer sent ?ten to your fund, and more than ?two hundred was then obtained on the place.

Feb. 24th.-Full power to act because the an effective Burial Panel was vested in the Town Council, and adopting the Panel of the looks appointed to look at this new Act:-The newest Gran, and you can Messrs. R. Ferrier, F. Worship, E. Roentgen. Aldred, W. N. Burroughs, J. Jackson, C. E. Bartram, P. Pullyn, and you will T. Foreman.

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